Summer Break Anthology

Summer is about to be even hotter…. The Summer Break Anthology brings you nine stories of what happens when Winter is over. Remember to pack your sunscreen and bring a towel…

rowing hope ebook cover

Growing Hope Anthology

This anthology includes: – My Treasure by Nastasia Botha – Tiny Miracles by J.M. Goodrich – Chasing Hope at Munster Glade by C.M. Lehsten – Hope’s Second Chance by Harmony Joy All proceeds for this anthology will go to the National Foundation for Fertility Research.

The Dark_eBook Cover

The Dark

The dark holds so much beauty… Sasha believes that the universe is playing a cosmic trick on her, having made peace with the knowledge that life just happens and accepts everything that comes her way. She embarks on a journey facing obstacles, trying to connect with the people in her life. But soon realises that her challenge is far greater than she anticipated. Closing herself to the notion that love is a lie. But an encounter with a stranger sets her on a path of discover to growth, understanding, and to confront the darkness inside of her. Will love be the answer to the questions she holds in her soul? Or will she continue to close her eyes and stay blind to the truth? …there is after all a little darkness in all of us.

Ignite ebook cover

Ignite: Joy & Despair

Love unfolding like a flower in bloom, Evan and Chantel explores their new relationship like a newfound book, each page revealing a deeper meaning, a greater understanding, a new and exciting adventure. However, when tragedy strikes and the eerie silence of despair gnaw at their resolve and make them question the choices they have made. They soon realise that the troubles they faced pales in comparison to the troubles that threatens all that they cherish and may only be the beginning… Raw and sensual, IGNITE: Joy & Despair, the riveting sequel to INFERNO: Love & Fear, combines the excitement of romance and suspense with some twists to keep you at the edge of your seat. The FIRE rages on… Will they FEED it?

Inferno final ebook cover (1)

Inferno: Love & Fear

Thoughts of passion, pure lust and a deep primal hunger… Evan has a deep primal need to love and protect Chantel, as he watches her from his enclosed dungeon, like a predator following her every move. He fiddles with fire, pulling heartstrings until they knot as strangers they meet, fate lines connect, and the result of their damage and desire consumes all logic and reason. Sandra is consumed with lust and passion, her self-obsession becoming her addiction But when the choice to love results in deception and the fear of loss leads to truth, all is lost in the inferno; with only one way to put out the fire… Feed it!!! WARNING!!!!�������� This book contains open door sex scenes, strong language and Afrikaans slang phrases!!!